by Tom Thorpe on
February 12, 2016

Qvia Software Downloads

New Model: Qvia QR790 Software (ONLY):

Mac Viewer – Released 3/4/18
PC Viewer (released 3/4/18) )
Android App
Apple IOS App

 Qvia AR790 – 2CH (Latest Updates)

AR790 Firmware V3.2.3 (released 01/1/18) – DOWNLOAD

Mac Viewer – Released 9/8/17
PC Viewer (released 14/09/17/) )(Google API issue FIX)
Android App
Apple IOS App


Qvia T790 – 1CH (Latest Updates)

T790 – Mac Software
T790 – PC Software
T790 Firmware V1.7

Firmware Version : Ver. TR01(1.7)

• Dash Cam Model : T790
• Updates in this Version -Wi-Fi LED stability improved

Firmware Instructions:

How to update firmware.

1. Download the attached firmware file.

2. Back up important data then format the SD card through Lukas viewer.

 (Those who use 64/128GB memory cards, format through Lukas viewer or dash cam device)

3. Copy and paste unzipped all download files into the SD card.

4. Start a car engine. (To prevent power cut-off while updating)

5. Insert SD card to dash cam then turn dash cam power on.

6. LED on the left bottom of dash cam blinks and update starts.
(takes about 4 minutes)

7. The update is complete.

(Normal operation starts after formatting from the device.

In case of ‘memory allocation 64KB on Windows 7’ excepted)

For the very latest Lukas & Qvia updates for all other models, please click on the link below:

Lukas/Qvia Downloads