Lukas LK-150 External HD Camera

Lukas -LK-150 External FHD Rear Camera


LK-150 is a external rear-view camera for Lukas dash cameras, designed to be resistant to water and dust. A Type works with Lukas LK-7950, LK-9150, LK-9350,LK-9550, & LK-9750 B Type works with Lukas LK-9370

A Type works with Lukas LK-7950, LK-9150, LK-9350,LK-9550, & LK-9750 B Type works with Lukas LK-9370


Product Specification

The LK-150 is an external rear-view camera. It ensures clear resolution and image quality by recording and saving video directly without obstructions to the line of vision or tinted windows.
The Lukas External LK-150 provides a even clearer image since it’s mounted on the outside of your car!

Upgraded resolution and image quality with the external rear-view camera.
Say goodbye to hard and distorted picture quality recorded through darkened and tinted back windows.
Wider and cleaner recording with a wide-angle lens. Completely water and dust proof.

LK-150 Specifications Clear resolution with a dedicated sensor The LK-150 is equipped with the Sony IMX322 Full HD dedicated sensor recognized for its performance and technology. The optimized dedicated sensor can record clear and crisp video even in dark environments or at night. Rear-facing camera resolution that exceeds the resolution of many front-facing cameras.

The LK-150 is a rear-facing camera equipped with a strong image sensor and supports recording in the highest-quality 1920x1080p Full HD.

Recording may be distorted as a result of direct/indirect sunlight, light poles, car headlights, and glare resulting in a ghost-image phenomena due to the special characteristics of the camera lens flare. Snow, rain (raindrops), dew, fog, ice, and other contaminants may reduce resolution and clarity.

Please remove snow, rain (raindrops), dew, fog, ice, and other contaminants before use.

Clear recording and image quality , the LK-150 minimizes video distortion and ensures maximum viewing angle with core lens technology.

The specialized wide-angle lens supports accurate and vivid video recording. Completely water and dust proof with strong build quality.

To maximize the advantages of the device, installation is on the outside of the car. The water and dust proofing has been tested rigorously to ensure the device can withstand various weather conditions and multiple external environments.

The device can operate in environments ranging from minus 30 degrees to 80 degrees Celcius.

The product boats superb build quality and was designed to be durable.


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