Lukas LK-7950 Duo Pro

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This has now been replaced by the New AR790 or the QR790

Lukas 7950 Duo Pro

LUKAS LK-7950 WiFi Duo Pro – using Sony IMX322 HD 1080p Sensors
Lukas LK-7950 a new standard in dual camera systems, using SONY IMX322 Lens Front & Rear!

An Industry First, Dual Full HD 2 channel recording

The Lukas LK-7950 offers full HD 1080P Video from both the front camera and rear camera using the latest Sony sensors, industry first, and high quality glass lens for superior video quality. Other advanced features such as WiFi connectivity and dual SD card slots make the LK-7950 a feature rich high end dash camera. Viewing software is available for Windows and Apple desktop computers and Apps for both Apple and Android.

High quality connectors are used throughout the system allowing you to take the camera in and out of your vehicle without breaking the connectors unlike other leading brands.

The Lukas LK-7950 has a seven segment display give you real time information on the camera status. Dual SD card slots for extended recording times and segmentation of events from normal recordings.

Our Kits also include the following:

  • Includes: Hardwire Cable
  • Includes: Cigar Cable
  • Rear Camera interconnecting cable is 7M in length
  • Includes: GPS


DUAL CAMERA WITH WiFI – Lukas LK-7950 WD Pro Full HD GPS Camera with WiFi
Class leading Real Time Wifi and Full Dual Sony IMX322 HD 1080p Sensors!

The NEW Lukas LK-7950 is the class leader in a dual camera setup. Using using SONY’s Full image sensors you now get FULL HD 1080p video from the front and rear cameras. (1920x1080P 30fps front and 1920x1080P 24fps rear) Recordings are made using H.264 (High Profile) AVI formatted files reduce compression loss and greatly improving the image quality.

The LK-7950 has set the bar as high as it gets and this class leading camera system is going to be hard to beat. Utilising two IMX322 sensors from SONY giving dedicated HD video processing for each camera, an industry first, the LK-7950 offers class leading video quality. (30fps front and 24fps rear 1080p full HD recordings) Day and night time recordings offer clear and accurate detail. Dual Boot and Dual Save.


The LK-9750 is now coupled to WiFi allowing you to fully control the camera. You can change settings, view recordings, and save video files and see live video streaming in near real time. The LK-7950 has full parking mode control with built in battery discharge protection, fully programable from the software and wifi app.

Dual SD cards offer maximum recordings times and video type separation. 8Gig and 8Gig Supplied as standard (Maximum 2 x 256G) Built in dual channel GPS receiver (GPS+ GLONASS) for more accuracy. Extreme Temperature durability. 37mm removable filter for UV and CPL.

High quality and robust AV cables and power cables that don’t break!

Quick Specs.
Dual SONY IMX322 Sensors 1920 x 1080p Full HD at 30/24fps | WiFi 802.11 Android and Apple Supported APPS | GPS/GLASNOSS Receiver | G Sensor | 135/130 Degree view | 4.9W power consumption | LED Display: Modes. Driving, Parking, Event, Manual | 37mm Filter thread | Super-Cap shut down protection | HQ Microphone | Mac and PC Software | AE Exposure | 21 Spoken Language support | Dual SD card/MicroSD slots (supports up to 2 x 256GB)

The new wide angle lenses offer a 135 degree view on the front camera and 130 degree view on the rear camera enabling you to capture all the information. The front lens has a UV filter as standard and you can add an optional 37mm circular polarising filter to reduce reflections and glare.

Massive Dual Storage Capacity – 512GB.

Dual storage allows you get even more recording time out of your camera, with the ability to store video on to two massive 256GB SD cards if you wanted.

For example a 128GB SD card will record 18 hours of continuous recording and 8 hours of motion recordings*. The second microSD 128GB card will store 26 hours of events. These are some of the longest recording times of any in vehicle camera system.

Memory card set at 70% for Continuous recordings and 30% for Motion recordings


Smart WiFi Functions.

The LK-7950 has built in WiFi allowing you to access camera features such as, live video, recorded videos, settings and much more for convenience while out on the road. Apple and Android Supported apps are available.

Built in Battery discharge prevention.

Avoid unnecessary extras the LK-7950 has built in battery protector built in allowing you get the most out of parking mode. The LK-7950 will constantly monitor your vehicles battery and should it fall below the cut off voltage the camera will shut down. There is a convenient multi boot switch for ON/ACC/OFF to control parking mode.

If you want even longer recording times when in parking mode we highly recommend the Lukas LK-530 smart battery system.

Multiple Language support.

The LK-7950 supports 20 spoken languages English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Spanish (America), German, Turkish, Italian, Hindi Czech, Cantonese Chinese, Portuguese, Bahasa Malaysia

GPS Data Recording

The LK-7950 has built in GPS not only to reduce extra wires but to record items such as position and speed. It also automatically sets the clock time and is used in the data logging feature.

LED Display and security LED’s.

The LK-7950 has a easy to read 7 segment display showing the status of the camera, error codes and functions and two security LED’s to warn of a camera system fitted.

Data Logging.

The LK-7950 stores up to 1 million points of data that you can download to Google maps. Ideal for plotting you road trip and accessing driving style.

Durable electronics and robust connectors.

The LK-7950 is built to be tough and robust and handle extremes of temperatures making it more reliable in use. The LK-9750 cables and connectors are all robust unlike competitors cables that are easy to break when inserting and removing.

High quality lens with screw thread.

The LK-7950 has a high quality lens with the addition of a screw thread to add filters. The LK-7950 is supplied with a UV filter and you can add the optional 37mm circular polarising filter to reduce reflections and glare.

Dedicated Windows and Apple desktop software.

Playback video and audio with ease, see the G-force readings, Google position and Speed along with other convenient data. Change settings and customise the camera using easy to install free software

Lukas LK-7950 Duo Pro - 2CH Dash Camera

In the box:

  • LK-7950 Front Camera + UV Filer + WiFi Dongle
  • Rear Camera includes  adhesive mount
  • Hard Wire Power Cable
  • Front/Rear AV Cable
  • SD Card Large – 8 gig
  • microSD card – 8 gig
  • Fixed type bracket set and allen key
  • User Manual


  • Input Voltage: 10v to 24v
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to +70C
  • Size/Weight – UV Filter Built in GPS: Front Camera 109x99x38mm 161g Rear Camera 50x26x31mm 25g
  • Video Compression: H.264 (High Profile), AVI Format
  • Current Consumption: 370mA (13.4V) within Approx. 4.9W (with GPS + WiFi)
  • Storage Medium: SD 8GB + microSD 8GB Standard (Max 256GB SD + 256GB microSD)
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n/ (2.4-2.4835 GHz)


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