Lukas – QVIA Z970 WD ZOOM

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The biggest feature of the Z970 WD is the new applied 3x optical zoom. It is a worlds first, the bold design overcomes the limitations of traditional black box dash camera. Traditionally Dash Cameras have suffered from a static wide angle lens. The field of view has a wide view angle and is clear, but the distance is not clear. On the other hand, some dash cameras have a more narrow angle, which provides clear video at a much further distance. But the disadvantage is a far narrower viewing angle. This is where the genius of the Z970 Zoom is truly great. The Z970 has ensured that regardless of the designed field of view, it always captures a clear image. By operating the zoom function automatically, the Z970 detects the speed of the vehicle impact or accidents caused by sharp save.

Our Kits also include the following:

  • Includes: Hardwire Cable
  • Includes: Cigar Cable
  • Rear Camera interconnecting cable is 7M in length
  • Includes: GPS


In addition the Z970 WD boasts a quality never seen before in the Dash Camera market. By applying the newly listed ‘Sony Exmor R’ sensor it can save the picture quality of Full-HD resolution, both front and rear, to condense light effectively captures the best images all day and night.

Meanwhile, this new product, features not only the optical zoom, and a new advanced image sensor. The Z970 also features the ‘format free’ technique, Storage Management is uncomfortable for most black box. All Dash Camera manufacturers recommend to constantly cycle format the memory card (once per week). This ensures a long and healthy life of the cameras memory card. However, with the Z970 WD this is no longer such a hassle. It is equipped with a format free feature unique to Qrontech. Using their own technology , it allows the the user to not need to think about managing their cameras memory, while increasing and ensuring long SD card life span.

The back of the Z970 has a beautiful and sharp Full 3.5-inch Touch LCD screen. Users can immediately see real-time and recorded video. As well the LCD provides an easy-to-read and intuitive UI to quickly and easily operate all features of the Black Box Dash Camera.

The Wi-Fi feature can be use to view, save and send video through a smart phone or tablet. Using the Lukas Eye application a user can also easily adjust the operating settings.

Lukas Qvia Z970 Spec

Lukas Qvia Z970 Spec


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